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India Node (ProjectINFault)

India Node, also known as ProjectINFault is a server hosted in Mumbai, India for Project Segfault.

It runs Proxmox VE as a hypervisor.

Picture of the IN Node


The server is a "flexgated" Macbook Pro 2017 (14,3), repurposed to be a server.

It has an i5 7700HQ, 16GiB of memory, 256 GB of NVMe SSD storage and 1TB of RAID1 HDD storage (for datafiles).


As with using Proxmox, the virtualization backend is QEMU/KVM.

The server is almost entirely virtualized, avoiding running anything on bare metal.


Neofetch from IN Node
  • The main VM where all segfault stuff runs
  • Caddy as reverse-proxy/webserver
  • Used for docker

The server runs Docker and connects to the master Portainer instance on Soleil Levant via the Edge Agent.