India Node

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India Node

India Node are two servers hosted in Mumbai, India by Arya for Project Segfault.

Both run Proxmox VE as their hypervisor

Picture of the IN Node


The first server is an Acer Aspire 7 A715-75G, repurposed to be a server.

It has an i5 9300H, 24GiB of DDR4 memory, 512 GB of ZFS-encrypted NVMe SSD storage.

The second one is a 2017 Macbook Pro (14,3), also repurposed to be a server

It has an i7 7700HQ, 16GiB of DDR3 memory and 256GB of ZFS-encrypted NVMe SSD Storage.


As with using Proxmox, the virtualization backend is QEMU/KVM.

The server is almost entirely virtualized, avoiding running anything on bare metal.


Neofetch from IN Node
  • The main VM on srv1 (acer) where most of the lighter less-ram intensive services run (everything other than invidious, piped and kbin basically)
  • Caddy as reverse-proxy/webserver
  • Uses docker and LXC (for our wiki)


  • Called FedVM since it primarily runs federation-related services
  • The VM on srv2 (mac) where most of the more intensive services like invidious, piped, kbin and mail run
  • reverse proxied through IN01
  • Uses docker


  • The VM where our Pubnix is hosted on srv1
  • VPN'd through pizza1, uses caddy as reverse proxy