Soleil Levant

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Soleil Levant

Neofetch from Soleil

Soleil Levant is a server hosted in France for Project Segfault.

It is currently the most powerful server, running a large majority of our services.

Picture of the entire Soleil setup
Picture of Soleil with its case off

As of now, it runs Proxmox VE as its hypervisor.


The server is a Hitachi Compute Rack 210H, with dual socket Intel Xeon E5-2690s.

It has 320 GiB of memory, and a raid 5 array with 4 TB of usable space.


As with using Proxmox, the virtualization backend is QEMU/KVM.

The server is almost entirely virtualized, avoiding running anything on bare metal.

Currently, the VMs are undergoing restructure.


  • Runs most of our services
  • Nginx reverse proxy and webserver
  • Used for docker
  • The server runs Docker and connects to the master Portainer instance on Soleil Levant via the Edge Agent.


  • Runs games such as Minetest/craft
  • May be used to host more games in the future