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XMPP is an open, decentralized universal messaging standard, similar to matrix.

We host the Ejabberd XMPP server, on our most powerful server, Soleil Levant, in France.

We have an MUC for support regarding our services at support@conference.projectsegfau.lt.


You can signup at https://xmpp.projectsegfau.lt/account. Server should be set to projectsegfau.lt in the form.

To login, you can use our web xmpp client: XMPP-Web.

XMPP-Web however lacks a lot of features and hence we recommend you to use a native client.

We recommend Gajim on PC and Conversations on Android.

You can find a list of clients at xmpp.org.

Pubnix Authentik is not supported on our XMPP instance however.

Other info

Max upload size: 104857600 Bytes (around 100 MB)