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Our matrix instance has been discontinued due to lack of resources after the discontinuation of Soleil Levant

Matrix is an open network for secure, decentralized communication.

We host the reference Matrix server, synapse, along with some clients for you to use it with.

We also host some bots for matrix with maubot.


Registering on our matrix instance is simple.

Firstly, go to, our element instance.

There, you can register with your email, username and password.

If you are already a member of the Pubnix, you can use Pubnix Authentik to login as well.


We host 3 clients for Matrix, Element, Hydrogen and Cinny.


Element is the flagship client of the matrix protocol.

It supports basically every feature available on matrix but has slight performance issues on weaker hardware.


Hydrogen is a minimal matrix client made by the makers of Element.

It doesn't support all of matrix's features, but has most of the important ones.

This is a really good option in case you are on older hardware.


Cinny is a matrix client made to look like discord.

It supports most of the features of matrix, but not all that element supports.

This is a good option in case you are moving away from discord and want something that looks similar to it.

Sliding Sync

We also run a sliding sync proxy for our Matrix homeserver, at

Sliding Sync is a WIP implementation of Sync v3, which significantly lessens the amount of time it takes to sync with the server.

You can find more information about it at the MSC3575 page.


We host many bots, which you can use and invite to your own rooms as well!

  • Sed Bot - A bot that does sed-like replacements.
  • RSS Bot - A bot that posts RSS feed updates.
  • Urban Dictionary Bot - A bot to fetch definitions from Urban Dictionary
  • Ping/Echo Bot - A bot that echoes pings and other stuff.
  • Metric Bot - A bot that will reply to a message with imperial units with the fixed metric units.
  • Weather Bot - A bot that gets the weather from
  • Translate Bot - A bot to translate words.


Dendrite is another matrix homeserver software, written in Golang.

It is being developed by the same foundation as an alternative to synapse which is more efficient.

We have an instance of it, running on our secondary domain, on the India Node.

However due to dendrite not supporting email registrations, it is currently invite-only.

The instance is primarily used as a backup instance during maintanences.


We have an instance of Draupnir, a fork of Mjolnir, which is a moderation bot for matrix.

It is subscribed to the following banlists:

If you want to use our Draupnir on your own rooms, please contact a team member so that they can add it to your room.


XMPP Bridge

We run aria-net's fork of the Bifrost XMPP Bridge. The address syntax to access XMPP from Matrix:

  • Private chats:
  • MUCs:

The address syntax to access Matrix from XMPP:

  • Direct chats:
  • Public chats:

To "plumb" (ie. link an XMPP MUC and a Matrix room), you have to

1) invite to the matrix room

2) type !bifrost bridge xmpp-js MUCDOMAIN MUCNAME

Note: You need admin privileges on matrix side to plumb

Note: To unbridge the rooms, run !bifrost leave