Why Gitea

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Basically ever since Forgejo was created, we have been asked the question of why we stuck to Gitea.

For those unfamiliar, in late-October of 2022, Gitea became a company in order to sustain itself better.

This came with issues such as the trademark and domains being under the company itself instead of a separate community-led organization.

Since Gitea refused to comply, Forgejo was created, a soft-fork of Gitea which was run under the leadership of Codeberg E.V.

For more info about this, see:

Our reason for not moving is that there is no reason to :)

It is a soft-fork and currently has no extra features over Gitea, though that might change once Forgejo gets federation support, though the federation will be merged upstream as well.

Gitea also hasn't shown off much evil corporation stuff as of yet.

Additionally Forgejo doesn't have good financing (though this has changed thanks to the NLNet grant).

If you have any questions you can E-Mail us or contact us through our channels :)