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Kbin is an Activitypub federated Reddit alternative, similar to Lemmy.

Here, we explain how to use Kbin.


To register, go to either https://kb.psf.lt or https://kbin.projectsegfau.lt and navigate to the login page. From there, go to the registration page.

Here, you can signup with your username, password. You will get an email confirmation after this.

First step.png

Second registration step..png
Third registration step.png


Magazines are the equivalent of Subreddits / Lemmy communities.

You can subscribe to them by using the search feature.

For example, to subscribe to !worldnews@lemmy.ml, you should search worldnews@lemmy.ml.


Like Reddit, Kbin has an awards concept. You can find info about it at https://kbin.projectsegfau.lt/awards

Microblog/Post vs Article/Link/Video/Photo

Microblog/Post is similar to the posts you would make in Mastodon/Akkoma and the like, difference being its linked to magazines.

On the other hand, Article/Link/Video/Photo options are similar to reddit/lemmy threads.

Articles are threads without a main link.